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Flute World is America's leading flute house. We offer a comprehensive online catalog of flute music in 48 different categories along with a wide variety of flute-related accessories and recordings.

We also stock many different top brands and models of flutes, piccolos, alto flutes and bass flutes. Every instrument we sell is tested and adjusted by our professional staff prior to shipment. We will be pleased to assist you in selecting the flute which best suits you, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Our brands include: Altus, Amadeus, Azumi, Bulgheroni, Burkart, Dean Yang, Di Zhao, Gemeinhardt, Hammig, Haynes, Jupiter, Miyazawa, Muramatsu, Nagahara, North Bridge, Pearl, Powell, Powell Sonare, Resona, Sankyo, Roy Seaman, Trevor James and Yamaha.

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Resona Flute by Burkart

For more than 30 years, the team at Burkart has delighted professional musicians with their premier level of flutes and piccolos. Seeking to create a more affordable version of their Elite instruments, Lillian Burkart and Jim Phelan designed a semi-professional line of flutes and piccolos under the name Resona. These instruments are perfect for dedicated high school students, college level musicians, teachers, professionals and those who want a top of the line instrument to enjoy for a hobby revisited. Burkart believes that a great flute should be accessible to every player no matter their skill level or income.

Located right outside of Boston, Massachusetts, the artisans in the Burkart workshop finish all Resona flutes. The R300 model come standard with a handmade silver body, ribs and headjoint, white gold springs, French style pointed arms, open hole keys and a B footjoint. Resona headjoints are all custom made in the USA and available with various embouchure and riser options. As of January 2017, all Resona flutes have been equipped with the Burkart exclusive microcell pads. This revolutionary new technology offers a warm, resonant sound with more power and flexibility in the low to middle registers while adding ease and sweetness to the upper register. These pads have a sleek look and a sound you have to hear to believe.

The Resona flute plays in tune and with the versatile sound known and loved by world-famous Burkart artists Carol Wincenc and Jim Walker.

The Resona flute is available through dealers across the US and the world. Visit Resonaflutes.com and find where to try one today.

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Be one of (5) winners and win a CD of : MIYAZAWA PLAYS CALIENDO!

Every Miyazawa flute is a fusion of time-tested traditional techniques and groundbreaking advancements, handcrafted to meet your highest expectations. Perfection is everything to us.

Miyazawa has built a loyal community of flutists, celebrated as a group, powerful in their individuality. We invite you to contact us and join our community.

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Caliendo World Music Publishing

Caliendo World Music Publishing was established in 1998 by accident when composer/guitarist Christopher Caliendo and flutist Sheridon Stokes performed 10 original American tangos for flute and guitar at the National Flute Association in Phoenix, Texas. The result was their hit CD release, Torbellino - 10 American Tangos for Flute and Guitar.

Since then, Caliendo World Music Publishing developed its niche market publishing world music for classical musicians.

Our primary focus is advanced high school to virtuoso with over 380 flute publications alone. Christopher Caliendo YOU TUBE provides 24 playlists including over 300 videos of live performances of Caliendo World Music.

Included in these you tube playlists are the 8 collections of world music that have become standard literature all over the world:


The new website features all digital products, both sheet music and audio tracks from numerous performance and sound track recordings.

As a publisher, guitarist, composer and conductor, my vision is to provide a website that lessons the decision making process for sheet music clients by providing both video and audio sound bytes of every publication we offer, including method books.

The days of shuffling through cardboard boxes of music are now a part of a bygone era. If you are a classical musician, who loves to look for music outside of the "box" to broaden your experience by learning tango, gypsy, flamenco, samba, jazz and other ethnic styles within a classical setting then Caliendo World Music Publishing is the place for you.

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Win a Brent Haines Grenadillo Classic from Woodsounds!

Grenadillo Classic is the perfect flute to choose when you want a bright maximum performance instrument. This flute has lots of volume, dynamics and clarity. Additionally, it is one of my personal favorite designs. The Tree of Life totem is taken from the Woodsounds logo. It is an excellent reminder that we are all connected. Grenadillo is a dense, hard wood with excellent chatoyance (glistens when light reflects off of it). The Ebony and Box Elder Burl tend to cause thee Grenadillo ti practically glow in the sunlight.

Flute Wood: Grenadillo
Trim Materials: Ebony and Box Elder Burl
Acoustics: Clear focus sound that is rich and full.
Amazing projection. An incredible performing instrument. Flute comes with a flute bag.

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Music For Your Eyes

Music For Your Eyes is a jewelry line that specializes in fine jewelry made from flute, clarinet and piano keys, bow hair and bassoon reeds and turbans.

No instrument was harmed to make this jewelry! All keys and bassoon reeds are cast in solid sterling silver. The cast keys are from Eva Kingma flutes (www.kingmaflutes.com). All the other components: chain, bails, toggles and clasps are solid sterling silver as well. Ebony wood slices come from Abell flute blanks (www.abellflute.com). I accent some pieces with 14K gold or 14K gold filled wires and semi-precious stones or freshwater pearls to create my one-of-a-kind music jewelry.

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The Flute View

In this rapidly changing music world, our exclusive online magazine covers flutists who are carving their own career paths, marketing yourself as an artist, entrepreneurship, new music and technology, health and wellness, and anything that relates to playing the flute today. Conceived and created by Barbara Siesel, Fluterscooter, and Viviana Guzman, The Flute View has exclusive video content produced in a fun format in the form of Spreecasts, as well as guest writers and featured articles. We believe it is invaluable to have a forum in which today’s flutists--from students of all ages to professionals--can be inspired.

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Viviana Guzman: info@viviana.org
Flutescooter: roboflute@gmail.com

Be one winner of a Fluterscooter Flute Bag

Fluterscooter flute bags began in 2011 with one silver bag and a dream. After realizing the need for a more stylish case cover for flutists, founder and flutist Andrea "Fluterscooter" Fisher started the fun and fashionable line, which is now worn by today's leading flutists such as Carol Wincenc, Jasmine Choi, Paula Robison, Flutronix, and many flute teachers, soloists, and orchestral players throughout the world.

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Win 2 pounds of Italian Coffee from Quattro Cavalli

Quattro Cavalli is a world distributor of the finest European products. We selected the best and hard to find products to satisfy the palate and demands of individuals of any nationality. Our goods have been selected with our client’s needs as the first priority. These wonderful premier products will embellish the dining table and please you and guests. They also make magnificent gifts for those special friends and family.

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Flute Specialists

We repair all manufacturers including handmade, intermediate, and beginning flutes and piccolos. Straubinger pads for flutes and piccolos or traditional felt pads are available upon request. Contact us for shipping information. Your used flute or used piccolo can be repaired to like-new condition for your continued enjoyment or to get it ready to sell in our used flutes and piccolos area.

Flute Specialists, Inc.'s Founder and President Robert Johnson created a company with the idea that ALL flutists deserve expert consultations on purchases and repairs and an exceptional service and repair shop. In order to accomplish this:

• Flute Specialists, Inc. has one of the nation's largest inventories of new and used instruments. We encourage our customers to find the instrument best suited to them by encouraging them to try many different models of instruments and even shipping instruments for in-home trials. Each instrument receives our pre-purchase service to ensure performance-ready playability.

• Used flutes and piccolos at Flute Specialists are never sold "as is". Our substantial inventory of used flutes, piccolos, and headjoints are serviced, repaired and include our warranty on adjustments all included for free with purchase.

• Our internationally know service shop performs expert, guaranteed service and repairs on all makes and models of flutes and piccolos.

• We provide clinics on emergency repairs and tips for how to purchase a new or used instrument. We travel to collegiate and home studios as well as flute clubs in order to share our knowledge with flutists around the country. All inquiries are welcome!

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Robert Johnson
Flute Specialists, Inc.
606 S. Rochester Rd.
Clawson, MI 48017